​​​​​​​High Quality Green Partner​​
Macronix’s stringent quality standards, based on the ISO 9000 philosophy, have resulted in TS16949 certification (or qualification). Our assembly and test subcontractors are also ISO 9000 approved. Macronix has also been awarded the certificates of Green Partner from SONY and has green partnership approvals from Samsung, LG and Canon.​​​​

All Macronix products are Lead-free and RoHS compliant. Macronix has set up a supply chain management system that complies with green product requirements.

​​Green Products Test Reports
To ensure our products are fully complied with regulatory and customer requirements, Macronix' products are analyzed by qualified laboratories with ISO 17025 management system certified on a regular basis.

Package Type Analysis Item Report No. Reporting Date Test(ICP) Report
8 SOP 150 mil RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/32704 2014/03/19
209 mil RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/32707 2014/03/19
48TSOP RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/32705 2014/03/19
56TSOP RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/30862 2014/03/12
16SOP 300 mil RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/32706 2014/03/19
32TSOP RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/32708 2014/03/19
48CSP RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/30864 2014/03/12
64CSP RoHS + Halogens + Phthalates CE/2014/30865 2014/03/12

Our Green Global business growth
Our endeavor in the environmental protection, along with green product management, are being recognized by well-known global electronic companies. Together with our valuable customers, we are building a sustainable business that stock holders will benefit from. ​